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Cakeoloigi is all about achieveing success through business. I have been an entreprenuer for more than 20 years and now am a full time YouTuber and Business Coach.  The goal of the channel and of Cakeoloigi, is to build a network and team of like minded Creators and Entreprenuers to build our success together. Knowledge is the Key and the Team is how we get there.

Business Development Consultant


We are a Team of Business Coaches that are dedicated to seeing your Business succeed. We specialize in working with Creators and Entreprenuers. We help get the Coaching and Knowelege that they need to grow their business.
Created courses that have over 50,000 people enrolled around the world

Established Since 2017

Expert Reviews

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Marcus Edwards
This guy knows what he is talking about! He is Very direct and straightforward about the business game. I am happy I meet and spoke with him about a game plan to build my business credit.......
Marcus Edwards
Had my first one on one consultation with Bob today and I must say dude is legit and knows his stuff, is very informative, patient and took time to answer my questions in depth. ....
Tony Parra
Business Owner
Very informative, very entertaining and made me most definitely wanna hear more and get my business started. Let's get that 🍰
Kiara Luke
Founder CEO, JL Tech